Chiko Roll

The Chiko Roll was born in Bendigo, where local Frank McEnroe wanted a snack to eat with one hand at the footy. Inspired by the spring roll, he saw potential for a more filling and robust snack tailored to Aussie tastes.

The result is a true Australian Icon that’s been enjoyed by Millions for over 60 years.

The Chiko Roll made its first appearance at the Wagga Wagga show in 1951 and since then has become an Australian icon, up there with meat pies, kangaroos and Aussie Rules Football. Eating a hot Chiko Roll while watching the footy is a pastime that takes many Australians back to their childhood.

All Chiko Rolls are manufactured in Bathurst, NSW. Today Chiko has expanded its range to include corn fritters, fish cakes, and onion rings.

Author: Australian Icons

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